Forest of Sorrows

Can't villains ever die easily?

October 23rd (2010): Session 5


This is here solely so I can come back and write it later, and in the meantime, give you your EXP and character questions. This week is going to be busy for me – between doing all my mapping and writing for Friday, potentially helping Geoffrey with his computer, homework, whatever else – but I will certainly try to fit the writing of this log entry in the meantime.

Otherwise, it will get done on Halloween weekend, while everyone else is undoubtedly having fun and going to parties, and I am at home with little else to do but write nonsense for you people to play through.

That said. Enjoy my not-so-witty-but-fitting title for the time being.

Here’s your stuff.
200 EXP for session, 150 for questions:

1) What is your character’s greatest fear in heading to Keep Pelegaid?

2) How about greatest hope (beside replenishing Uredo’s transparent hand)? Any hopes at all?

3) Spend a moment to think about what might be in a pre-Blight military establishment like Keep Pelegaid; soldiers’ gear, for instance, among other things. Recall the scarcity of simple materials like iron and steel, and the rarity of good-quality equipment in general that existed in your hometown of Strahl. (Or, for the ranger, Balloc – which should be even more extreme.) How would such findings be significant to your character?



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