Forest of Sorrows

We left Strahl for this?

October 9th (2010): Session 3

We left Strahl for this?

We left off with the party just entering a forest clearing, inhabited by a small village – presumably that of which Raul and Entain had informed them. After the town bell had been run, people turned out in droves to stare at these strange newcomers – stranger yet for their attire (well, beside the Bard).

The captain of the Watch – introduced as Alain – ran forth to meet these travelers and guide them around Balloc’s hidden pit traps. Having brought the party to “safety,” he drew a bucket of water out of the nearest well for them and requested some introductions.

The bard notably introduced himself as Oaru, contrary to the name he gave the party, Uredo.

Locrian, though clearly desperate for the respite of water, asked that they talk somewhere safer, away from the eyes and ears of the townspeople. Alain agreed, and began to lead them to Balloc’s leader, Denthus.

Denthus’ hall was unimpressive, at best. One half-full bookshelf, lines of spider legs and wooden slates used for writing were its only adornments, beside the head villager’s desk and stools. Using this as an opportunity to burn off some excess anger, Locrian made a very unkind remark about Denthus’ hall being a lovely campsite. Uredo (or, Oaru) managed to deflect most of the man’s wrath, and the party was seated. Karthor, introduced as Denthus’ assistant, was clearly not happy with the group. On the other hand, Alain seemed to be on their side.

After much lukewarm discussion, the exchange became heated at the suggestion that the people of Balloc could not trust these newcomers from Strahl, cryptically citing the misdeeds of a man by the name of Braenor to come from Strahl before them. Karthor drew a wand and stood, but was flagged down by Denthus. Braenor’s name was not recognized by the party.

To gain the trust of Balloc, it was decided that these strange travelers would man a section of the northern front for that night’s watch. Alain would be watching so they could be assessed. In the meantime, Alain directed the group to the farmhouse of Tobin, Balloc’s farmer. Introducing himself as Toby, he was more than eager to take these strange-looking people into his home.

Through Toby’s kindness, the players were given baths, new clothes, and beds for the evening. They talked at great length about many things, after Uredo (or, Oaru) was finished with his own performance and storytelling – both of which, Toby truly enjoyed. Braenor and Karthor were both topics of discussion. It was revealed that Karthor was, in fact, a wizard – the village’s only, prior to the arrival of the party. Braenor’s physical description fit that of Andor Machrow, a city council member whom Locrian and Tiffiany both recognized as the man who was taken to jail just before the explosion that resulted in their escape with Rond in the first session.

No one felt quite safe in this new environment, but a mutual consensus was reached that whatever situation they were in was safer than being in the forest. After this agreement, the party took to their beds. Locrian’s robe was washed very thoroughly, and looked quite pristine when it was all done.

Toby awoke the party two hours before their report time. They spent this time exploring the village and trading for a few services – they met Alrik, the town’s Dwarven craftsman (calling himself a “craftsdwarf”) who readily offered to sharpen their blades for a temporary +1 enhancement bonus, and Aeric, the town’s tailor, who was happy to exchange hastily prepared spidersilk gear (leather AC value) for Uredo’s coins from Strahl, to be used in Balloc’s local gambling ring. With their new equipment, the party took on the night watch.

During the subsequent encounters, Locrian was gravely injured. We ended session after two battles with waves of the angry, venomous spiders.

Questions, questions, questions…

The session EXP has been revised to be 400. The Bard should only gain 50 of this 400. Everyone else gets 100 more than they previously thought.

Just warning everyone now, the EXP train will tone down eventually – but enjoy it while it lasts. Doing the math on your encounters, you scored just over 300 EXP as they were designed, and you did a good 3 hours of roleplay prior to the encounters. I felt that 400EXP + Questions would be good. You’ll be level 3 before you’ve even had the chance to properly enjoy level 2…

Questions are 150 EXP as follows:

1. This is a question for the player: How did you feel about last session? How do you feel about the campaign in general? Give me your overall opinion, pick out one thing you like(d) and one think you dislike(d), and explain why. This might take a little longer than the average question, but it’s good for all of us.

2. A terrible crime has been committed, and evidence points to your character’s guilt. (S)he didn’t commit the crime, but (s)he doesn’t have an immediate way to prove it. What does (s)he do?

3. What’s the worst nightmare your character remembers ever having?



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