Forest of Sorrows

Explosive Anger

October 16th (2010): Session 4

Explosive Anger

We rejoined our heroes in the middle of the Night Watch.

After one battle, Uredo fell to the ground and the party, as a whole, was quite ‘roughed up.’ Alain arrived to relieve them of their posts, and he sent them to Tobin’s house to rest, to avoid their death on the battlefield. The party was grateful for this solace.

They retired to bed almost immediately. Locrian and Uredo awoke sicker than they had been the previous day due to their poisonous wounds.

Each party member awoke to see three books on their bedstand. These books were found to pre-date the Great Blight in Strahl, and actually be about Strahl. This new information baffled the party members and led them to question Tobin about how these books came into his possession.

Alain provided Uredo and Locrian with antivenom for their ailments, but it would not take effect until their next extended rest.

It was found that the books had all been given to Toby by Braenor on his various trips to Balloc, as gifts for Toby’s hospitality. Braenor had instructed Toby never to show the books to the inhabitants of Balloc, but if others from Strahl were to show up and gain Toby’s trust, they would probably find the books very interesting. Toby, taking this to heart, had made a leap of faith to trust the party with the knowledge of these books.

After much extended discussion about the nature of Toby’s literature and Braenor, Alain knocked on the door and called the party to stand before Denthus and Karthor, cautioning the party not to make enemies of Karthor – he was already quite unhappy with them.

It began with Denthus questioning the players about their use of magic. Uredo fabricated a brilliant lie (which made Locrian very uncomfortable, but he suppressed this): he and Locrian were bards. This upset Karthor greatly. Uredo managed to lead the conversation exactly where he wanted it to go, and with great success; Denthus, eventually, accepted it. He targeted Tiffiany next, questioning how she could light her blade on fire; Uredo claimed it was a magical sword, and she said she was bound to it. Karthor insisted upon testing this, and, with an Arcana check, found the claim of it being a magical blade false. With this, he denounced the party as liars, calmly awaiting the judgment of his superior to remove the party from their presence.

Locrian stood and questioned Karthor’s status as a wizard. With this, his accompanying Diplomacy roll was a natural 1.

So it began: Karthor became enraged, directing a fireball at Locrian from only fifteen feet away; the growing jet of flame engulfed Locrian (natural 20) and left him for little more than a corpse, severely burnt, unconscious, and dying on the ground.

In the chaos of this new development, both Alain and Denthus stood to aid Locrian, and the rest of the party armed themselves accordingly.

Uredo immediately committed himself to Locrian’s aid, offering a healing spell to bring him off the ground and close up his burns. With a new surge of life, Locrian re-entered the battle.

Spells, arrows, and swords flashed across the great hall, many of which were deflected by a protective barrier of magic around Karthor. Locrian casted the greatest spell he could manage, burning a hole through the roof of the log cabin and scorching the floor, much to the great surprise of both Denthus and Alain. Karthor was relatively unaffected, however.

After defending himself against the onslaught of hostiles, Karthor turned his attention to the traitorous Denthus, taking his life with a volley of fire spells. Denthus was turned to a smoldering husk on the ground.

Karthor’s spells would fill the entire hall with flames, time after time. Uredo and Tiffiany both fell to the inferno before Locrian broke the wizard’s mind with a final assault, a bolt of chaos that slipped past his mental defenses.

The two burnt and dying party members were revived by Rond’s heal checks.

After confirming Karthor’s death (he had no pulse), Locrian reached for Karthor’s wand – when he was only a moment from grabbing the utensil, the room was filled with brilliant, blinding white light, and a loud crack (think flashbang, but without making you deaf). When the party members gained their vision back, Karthor’s body and wand were both nowhere to be found.

Rond began packing away Karthor’s spellbooks at Locrian’s request.

Locrian left the bookcase and approaches Alain, facing him directly. “I am sorry,” he said, and cast his gaze downward.

Alain, in turn, looked up to the ceiling. “You made a hole in the roof, you know.”

“Your wizard nearly made a hole in you,” he retorted.

Alain smiled faintly, accepting Locrian’s misunderstanding, and continued, “The entire town will be waiting outside for us.” At this, Locrian’s jaw clenched, as he realized the implications of his grand spell.

Locrian spent a few moments contemplating this and surveying the scene before replying, “I suppose this will look like our fault, then.”

“It may. I will do my best to maintain your innocence in the matter,” he said, following Locrian’s gaze. Alain’s eyes lit up.

“We have a chance. Karthor, the villain, is absent… He escaped.”

Locrian looked minorly confused by this. “He is dead,” he corrected Alain.

To this, Alain, replied calmly, “There are none but us who know this.” This caused Locrian to pause, and nod.

Alain addressed each living person in the room for a moment with his eyes, and finally nodded, looking altogether very calm. “Karthor escaped, and we survived.”

And that was the end of our session.

Everyone receives 350 EXP. And here are your questions, for an additional 150:

1) How would your character have felt/reacted if the Bard met his death during the encounter?
1) For the Bard; how does your character feel about his very close brush with death?

2) You could be considered indirectly responsible for Denthus’ death. How does your character feel about participating in the death of Balloc’s leadership, even if it wasn’t your fault?

3) The books you received all pre-dated the Great Blight in Strahl, and depicted a history that was not thought to exist – before the Blight, before the encroaching shadows, a world far more “normal” (although you wouldn’t know it as normal) than the one you all exist within now. What was your character’s internal reaction at seeing so many instances of pre-Blight literature about your home?

2-3 sentences should suffice, but given that these are more complex questions, you are welcome to answer them with more than that.

Thanks for the good session! E-mail your documents my way.



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